• Pleasure

    Pleasure, is an erotic story about love, jealousy, and obsession from a female point of view...

  • Sleeping With Strangers

    Steamy, sensual and poetically hypnotic, Missionary No More: Purple Panties 2 is the follow-up to the bestseller Purple Panties...

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  • Resurrecting Midnight

    Gideon, a hired gun, trusts no one. But when his former lover resurfaces in need of his skills, Gideon accepts...

  • Dying for Revenge

    For successful African-American businesswoman Zoe Reynard, finding the pleasure she wants, the way she wants it...

  • Waking with Enemies

    A heated encounter inside a London hotel room (where he was pursued by three very different women) leaves Gideon waking up to a world where there’s no one to trust...

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    Get 4 erotic titles for only $2, plus receive a free gift. Click here...

  • Tempted by Trouble

    We can plan all we want, but sometimes fate has a different agenda...

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Eric Jerome Dickey, originally from Memphis, Tennessee, is the national best-selling author of Pleasure, Waking with Enemies, Sleeping with Strangers, Chasing Destiny, Genevieve, Drive Me Crazy, Naughty or Nice, The Other Woman, Thieves' Paradise, Between Lovers, Liar's Game, Cheaters, Milk in My Coffee, Friends and Lovers, and Sister Sister, as well as a contributor to Got to Be Real and NAL's Mothers & Sons. He worked as a computer programmer, a middle school teacher, actor, and stand up comic before becoming a full-time novelist.

Eric grew up on the south side of Memphis, living on Kansas Street. He went to Riverview Elemetary, Riverview Junior High, and Carver High. After graduating high school, he went to college at Memphis State University, where he earned a degree in Computer System Technology. In 1983, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in engineering.

Dickey was employed in the aerospace industry working at Rockwell International, ASSD division, as a software developer, before deciding that he wanted to pursue acting and stand-up comedy, and began the local and national comedy circuit.

Dickey wrote several comedy scripts for his personal comedy act, and later began writing short stories. In 1994, his first published short story "Thirteen" appeared in the IBWA's River Crossing, Voices of the Diaspora--an Anthology of the International Black Experience. A second short story "Days Gone By" was published in the magazine A Place to Enter.

Eric Jerome Dickey then developed a screenplay called "Cappuccino." "Cappuccino" was directed and produced by Craig Ross Jr. and appeared in coffeehouses around the Los Angeles area. In February 1998, "Cappuccino" made its local debut during the Pan African Film Festival at the Magic Johnson Theater in Los Angeles.

Eric Jerome Dickey has authored fifteen novels and has been featured in a variety publications, including Essence magazine, USA Today and The Los Angeles Times, and his novels have appeared on the bestseller lists of the "Blackboard," The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. Dickey has appeared as a guest on many shows, including BET's Our Voices and CNN's Sunday Morning Live.

His latest books, "Sleeping with Strangers" and "Waking with Enemies" were released on April 10, 2007 and August 7, 2007, respectively. His 14th novel, "Pleasure", was released in April, 2008.

Eric is the author of the graphic novel called 'Storm', detailing the first meeting between the popular X-Men character Ororo Munroe and the king of the fictional land of Wakanda, the Black Panther.

Eric Jerome Dickey is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

On November 1, 2008 Eric will release his 15th solo work entitled Dying for Revenge.


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